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  • Genstar Traffic

    Date: December 01, 2018

    Based on my recent communication with our Councilwoman, Sandy Greyson, I want to update the neighborhood on the City’s plans as it pertains to addressing the traffic on Genstar Lane. The City has suggested an incremental approach to address the problem. The first step would be to stripe the parking lanes on either side of Genstar, but to forego the diagonal striping within the parking lanes at this time, and also to forego adding the yellow center lines and reflective buttons on the yellow center lines. The next step would be to do a speed study after six months to determine the effectiveness of the first step. If it is determined not to be sufficient, then we can look at other options at that time. Many of you are aware of a stop sign petition circulating in the neighborhood. The City of Dallas cannot make the decision whether or not to add a stop sign; however, this is an option that can also be implemented based on a sufficient number of votes from homeowners within a specified area. After considering all the options available and listening to feedback from the community, the Preston Highlands Homeowners’ Board supports this effort, and we encourage affected homeowners to sign the petition. The stop sign would be a four-way at Genstar and Featherwood. Click Full Story for more details.

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    Preston Highlands HOA

  • Bulk Trash Schedule

    Date: January 30, 2018

    There are a number of homes in the community with bulk trash set out early on the curb. Please be advised, bulk trash cannot be set out until Thursday, February 1st. If a Dallas Compliance Officer drives the neighborhood, he/she could write you a citation. The HOA has received several complaints about early bulk trash. Click Full Story to read the 2018 Bulk Trash schedule, along with other important tips.

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    Preston Highlands Homeowners Association